PYOT (Pitch Your Own Tent)  Accommodation




PYOT Campers can use the following facilities and activities for free:

  • Bathroom - 24/7 cold & hot water in all bathrooms 
  • Toilet - open 24/7 & are regularly cleaned to ensure hygiene
  • Water dispenser - 24/7 for hot / cold water 
  • The Mart sells snacks and drinks; Opening hours 8:30am – 9:00pm
  • Free entry tickets - 4 persons complimentary entry tickets included

Campers could rent the following camping items from us:

  • 4 PEOPLE CAMPING TENT |   X 1 pc
  • Mat                            X Per head
  • Sleeping bag             X Per head
  • Pillow                         X Per head




PYOT Pitch Your Own Tent(Sun – Fri night):                  


PYOT Pitch Your Own Tent:

(Sat night / Public Holiday and Holiday eve)


PYOT Pitch Your Own Tent:

(Special Dates*)


Remark: Each tent is limited to four campers







Cooking set rental for $150 (Optional)

  • Stove                         X 1 pc
  • 3-4 people cookset    X 1 set
  • Gas                            X 1 pc

Folding table and chairs rental for $150/1 set (Optional)

  • Folding table              X 1 pc
  • Folding chair              X 4 pc




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