Becoming a STAR Youth Growth Camp ‧ Saiyuen X ESSENTIA 24 July, 2024


Saiyuen in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong covers an area of nearly 500,000 square feet and is one of the few licensed holiday camps in Hong Kong approved by the Home Affairs Department. The campsite is known for its 24-hour security and comfortable, safe environment.

This summer, your children will have the opportunity to participate in a summer camp at Saiyuen that combines "Adventure Challenges", creative "LEGO® Serious Play®", and "Business Practice Games". This camp will provide a comprehensive growth experience for participating children aged 8-12 years old.



The "Becoming a STAR Youth Growth Camp" empowers young individuals to discover their leadership potential. Grounded in the “STAR” framework, the camp offers a transformative journey blending personal development, collaboration, and outdoor challenges.

Learners will be engaged in activities that foster self-awareness, team power, leadership capabilities and cultivate essential skills like communication, problem-solving, and environmental stewardship.

Guided reflection and feedback allow participants to connect their experiences to personal growth and practical application. By the end, they emerge as more self-aware, confident, and empowered young leaders!





 24-26, Jul 2024

 Original Price

 $4,500 / per head

 Early Bird Offer before 30 Jun $3,400 / per head
 Instructor: Participant Ratio 1:8





What is "STAR Growth Model"?

♦ Self-Discovery 

The STAR Youth Growth Camp an enriching self-discovery journey to uncover the young campers’ strengths, passions, and potential. Discover their unique talents, values, and aspirations while forming meaningful connections with peers.


♦ Team Power

Learn and experience the power of teamwork by engaging in collaborative challenges, communication exercises, and group activities. Learn to trust, support, and lead the peers while working towards common goals.


♦ Adventure-based Learning

An adventure-based and action-packed program where excitement and education go hand in hand. Campers will dive into exciting challenges, activities, and adventures that ignite their passion for learning. It will push their limits and conquer new heights.


♦ Reflection & Growth

Personal growth and transformation experience through a dynamic program which campers can discover their inner strength and resilience. Embrace the opportunities to push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and emerge as confident, empowered ”young adults”.


【Becoming a STAR Youth Growth Camp】Learning Highlight

  • Comprehensive program designed out of STAR Growth Model, providing engaging and interactive learning experience
  • Widen perspective from individual to team to a community level
  • Learn like a leader with professional facilitation and guidance
  • Work as a team and breakthrough by the Little Big Boss Challenge, develop sense of leadership and responsibilities by blending learning from real-world situation

    What is "LEGO® Serious Play®"?


    LEGO® Serious Play® (“LSP”) is a methodology based on years of research and been using by hundreds and thousands of organizations around the world. It is an innovative approach to unlock potential by the use of play science! Numerous researches has shown that hand-mind connection will enable much effective learning and thinking. By using the LSP method, individuals and team will be able to discover possibilities and new realities, it is an ideal solution for achieving the below:


    • Turning 20/80 lean back meetings into 100% participative lean forward meetings
    • Unlocking knowledge and potential
    • Breaking habitual thinking

    LSP has been widely used in many business scenarios such as meeting facilitation, problemsolving,
    communication, creativity & innovation and team building. It help individuals and teams to
    maximize their potential, build confidence and commitment for everyone around the table.



    Program Architect — Vivien Hui

    The "Becoming a STAR Youth Growth Camp" is co-organized by ESSENTIA and Saiyuen, with the program content designed by Vivien Hui, the Program Architect at ESSENTIA. With a solid background spanning more than a decade in coaching and facilitating top executives from leading MNCs and local enterprises (e.g. Siemens and the Hospital Authority), Vivien has expanded her expertise in engaging learners and fostering essential competencies to the youth sector. At the helm of the STAR Youth Camp, her vision is grounded in the belief that everyone has the potential to become a leader, and this potential can be unleashed effectively through
    experiential learning.

    Vivien holds a BBA degree from HKU and completed EMBA with distinction and postgraduate prize award from the University of Hull. With her highly-rated reputation and expertise in learning & development, Vivien had been regularly invited to deliver workshops and lectures at CUHK and PolyU HKCC.



     African Safari Tent with air conditioning (separated by gender)


     8:20am Central Ferry Pier No.5 (tentative)


     3:30pm Saiyuen, Cheung Chau (tentative)

     Please bring your own 

     Octopus card

     Petty cash

     Water Bottle
     Comfortable and replaceable sportswear
     Covered-toe shoes and slippers


    Terms and Conditions:
    * The camp is a training program, and participants must follow the instructor's instructions, camp rules, and regulations.
    * The activities will be conducted primarily in Cantonese, with English used as a supplementary language.
    * No refunds will be given for withdrawals or absences from the activity. Special circumstances are subject to the final decision of the camp.
    * If a participant needs to take sick leave, please contact Saiyuen office at 6289 5808 via Whatsapp as soon as possible.
    * Saiyuen will provide refunds or arrange for a transfer of camp dates for sick leave with a doctor's certificate, according to the number of affected days.
    * If the Hong Kong Observatory issues the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.1, or the Yellow Rainstorm Warning, all activities will proceed as scheduled. If the weather is unstable, outdoor activities will be moved indoors.
    * If the Hong Kong Observatory issues the Red or Black Rainstorm Signal, the Strong Wind Signal No. 3 or higher, or a warning is expected to be issued, all activities will be canceled.
    * In the case of severe weather conditions during the camp, Saiyuen staff will notify parents of the arrangements.
    The activity program is for reference only. Saiyuen reserves the right to adjust the activity program to ensure the safety and experience of participants and instructors.
    * Participants must follow the instructor's instructions, camp rules, and regulations. Any violation or inappropriate behavior may result in the termination of the participant's participation in the activity to ensure the activity experience for other participants.
    * Participants are advised to take personal mosquito prevention measures as Saiyuen is located in a wilderness area.
    * Saiyuen reserves the right to cancel any applications if there are insufficient registrations before 30 Jun, and the registration fees will be refunded to the applicants.
    * Summer camp's activities, content, and schedules may be changed without prior notice due to on-site conditions.

    * If a participant has special dietary needs or food allergies, or any other special requirements, please notify the staff as soon as possible so that Saiyuen can make arrangements accordingly.

    * Saiyuen reserves the right to interpret the above terms and conditions.


    Enquiry|Tel 2986 0330|WhatsApp 6289 5808| FB Inbox

    Address: Saiyuen, Cheung Chau, DD CC  Lot 12


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