“Fantasy”. Relax above the open greenfield. Let your imagination run free.

Sunset Vista

The incredible Sunset Vista is set on a nearly 2,000 sq ft lawn with a 300 sq ft dome-shaped tent and leisure facilities that is exclusively at your pleasure.

Star Gazing Geodesic Dome

The Star Gazing Geodesic Domes – named for their shape and design for stargazing – are positioned on one of the most private areas of Saiyuen. The Star Gazing Geodesic Domes are located in one of most private areas and highest points in Saiyuen. With the clear view tent, guests can immerse themselves in nature and sleep beneath the stars.

Each Geodesic Dome can accommodate 4 people. Domes are equipped with air conditioning and private bathroom, with shower, allowing our guests to truly glamp.

Mongolian Ger

The horse-riding nomads who have roamed the plains of Northern Asia since 600 B.C. serve as the inspiration for Saiyuen’s Mongolian Gers. Though nomads rest in their gers tied together with wooden poles, cowhide, woven blankets and ropes, these modern renditions are made of waterproof canvas and timber.

Saiyuen’s Mongolian gers are located along the Promenade - a secluded plateau at Saiyuen.

Mongolian Gers can each accommodate 4 persons. Each is equipped with air conditioning and private bathroom, and shower.

African Safari Tent

Saiyuen's African Safari Tents are situated along the Kapok Path with rich green surrounding spaces and the soporific sound of the wilderness.

All tents have a terrace, perfect for sundowners. XL Safari Tents also offer hot/cold showers, allowing our guests to enjoy the glamping experience.

Native American Teepee

Inspired by the habitation of the indigenous people of the plains, Saiyuen's Native American Teepees are situated alongside the Devil's Forest.

The graphics on the exterior of the teepees illustrate the cultural beliefs of the Native Americans. The upper portion depicts the sky above as the Father, the bottom represents the earth below as the Mother, while the center describes activities of the living.

Wild Camping

Wild Camping Scheme allows guests to experience an authentic wild camping. It is ideal for guests to enjoy a real back to nature staycation.

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