Lawn Games


How to set up Molkky

Each Molkky set consists of 12 pins and one throwing skittle. First arrange the 12 pins accordingly, and the throwing skittle are only using when trying to knock down the pins from the 3.5 meters throwing distance.




How To Play

The number of points you get is the number indicated on the pin. However, if you knock down between two and twelve pins, you only get as many points as there are pins, so if you knock down four pins, we get 4 points only.


How To Win

The game ends once a player has exactly 50 points. If you go just one point over, your score will drop to 25, and have to play some more.


Operating Hours:

Check with the service desk

Duration per Session:

45 mins


Check with the service desk

Suggested Group Size per Session:

2 ~ 4


$100 / set| Deposit $100

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