Outdoor BBQ



A. BBQ table top stove —- gives the flavour of Korean barbecue
Price for rental:HK $120 ;      Size: Diameter 36cm grill rack;    for 3 – 4 people (for small barbecue)

B. BBQ free standing stove —- The best stove for traditional barbecue with great aroma, flavor and aftertaste. With a wide grill rack, It can be used to grill different ingredients!


Price for rental:HK $300 ;      Size: Diameter 60cm grill rack;    for 8 – 12 people


Provisions of each BBQ stove: Charcoal, 2 big dishes, 2 pairs of tong, charcoal briquette, lighter

* A barbecue grill is attached to "Sunset Vista", "Fantasy", "Mongolian Ger", "African Safari Bara" and "African Safari Dundun", and campers do not need to rent it for an additional fee.
* BBQ Stove need to use in BBQ Area (except Sunset Vista, Mongolian Ger, African Safari Bara and African Safari Dundun)
For BBQ rental, please email us at  booking@saiyuen.com or  call  2981 1010

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