Lawn Games

Soccer Pool

First Bike The First Bike is the perfect first bicycle for children aged two to five. This beginner’s bicycle helps children gain confidence on two wheels by bringing out their innate sense of balancing and direction.

Model Boats Our radio controlled Model Boat pool is situated along the Southwestern coast where gentle breeze is always abundant, ideal location for radio-controlled sailing boats, be it recreational or competition. Other assorted types of motorized boats are available where challenging games could be played. An entertainment the entire family can enjoy.

Archery Hunting

Goat Pen At Saiyuen, you can take pictures with goats, feed goats in person, or watch how goats climb up the rock. You may enjoy watching the lively and dynamic movements of goats while herding goats. You can not only see the incredible rock climbing skills of goats, but also buy fodder to feed goats in person. Through observing and feeding goats, you can get a better understanding on the importance of goats to healthy natural habitat.

Bubble Waffle Workshop An egg waffle is a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong, and is an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells.Egg waffles are more commonly on an electrical heater.  Now In Saiyuen, charcoal grilled egg waffles can be made by yourself, let’s make a taste of the most authentic and the most traditional egg waffle . 

Beggar's Wild Chicken In the times of the hustle and bustle city life of Hong Kong, people hardly have an opportunity to enjoy the fun of making beggar's wild chicken on their own. At Saiyuen, you can make beggar's wild chicken at outdoors and try to cook without using tools with your family and friends.

Arts & Craft Workshop Saiyuen offers various educational and arts & crafts workshops, guaranteed to be fun for all ages.

Aquaponics Field Study

Recreation Full Ticket Play all kinds of fun activities with one Recreation Full Ticket in hand!

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