The Theater
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The Theater


綜合表演台提供了一片舒適的草地,視野開揚,環境優美。鄰近草地廣場,可作為廣場活動之講台。 表演台環境舒適,是進行小組活動、團體遊戲、聚會、野餐、藝術表演及演講等的理想地方。

The Theater provides a comfortable grass field with a bright view and a beautiful environment. Adjacent to The Lawn, it can be used as a podium for event. The Theater is an ideal place for group events, group games, parties, picnics, art performances and presentations.

Suitable for:

Commercial conference

Education activities

Private party

Engagement party



Team training

Each Session:

Start from 2 hours

Venue Size:

approximately 1,300 sq ft

Guest Capacity:

approximately 40 (Sitting)

approximately 70 (Standing)

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