Ant Research - with The University of Hong Kong  Fun


The Ants of Saiyuen website is a collaboration project between Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park (“Saiyuen”) and the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM) of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. Here, we introduce the ecology and diversity of ants found in Saiyuen, their importance within ecosystems, and the relationship between ants and habitat quality to the general public. The project includes website - "The Ants of Saiyuen".



Ants samplings were carried out by the members of the Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography Laboratory (IBBL) from the University of Hong Kong in November 2021. A total of 43 species and morphospecies of ants, from 27 genera and 8 subfamilies were recorded. High magnification pictures of the ant specimens presented on this website were taken at IBBL.




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