Entry Tickets



Visitors and people who participate in activities must buy entry tickets to enter Saiyuen. General Ticket is suitable for aged 3 or above. 

The charge of 2 day entry tickets is already included in the booking fee of campsites. Campers do not need to buy entry ticket.

General Ticket

Aged 3 or above

PRICE :$48


Packaged Tickets

Saiyuen provides tailored ticket packages for our guests who wish to enjoy our various attractions and activities.


Some attractions have specific restrictions of entry. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safe custody or care of their children while at Saiyuen. They should consider the age, height, maturity, strength, weight, or other attributes of people under their care when choosing a particular activity. Children under the age of 16 may not enter without a parent or guardian. Adult supervision is required at all times when under the age of 16.

*(On-site registration is not available.) Please buy full ticket through reservation hotline and email. (Details: https://www.saiyuen.com/en/Packages)

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