Team Building / Group Activities

Giant Ladder

Clash the Tribe

Bushcraft x Wilderness Cooking Workshop


Venue / MICE Saiyuen also provides different types of indoors and outdoor areas for gatherings or commerical purposes. With different sizes and environmental features, these venues are ideal places for holding weddings, banquets, private gatherings, business or academic conferences, talks, seminars, workshops, etc.


Promenade has a verdant long grassland and shades for different activities. The beautiful landscaped grassy promenade, adjacent to the pool and overlooking the seascape of Po Yue Wan.


Arena provides a flat open space surrounded by large trees. The Green Terrace right next to Arena can serve as an auditorium for the arena, clearly watching the activities in the venue.


Parkland provides vast grassland for different activities. Saiyuen has a comfortable and quiet environment, the venue is an ideal venue for various business meetings, seminars and workshops.

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