Soccer Pool  Fun


The principle of the game is based on Pool, but the balls are replaced by soccer balls and the cue is your foot. A great way for all ages to enjoy active play together while fine-tuning dribbling skills and precision kicks!





  • Only strike the white ball with your foot.
  • The white ball must be stationary before it is played
  • Should a player pot the white ball or the white ball leave the table a free/penalty shot is awarded to their opponents.
  • Just like in pool, the one that pots the black ball before potting all of coloured ones, they forfeit the game.
  • Once a team has potted all coloured balls, they can attempt to pot the black, If the white ball pot, they forfeit the game.
  • The first team to pot the black wins.


  1. $100 deposit for the balls. Balls returned in good condition, will return the deposit;
  2. 45 minutes maximum game-time for each group, over time cause deposit deduction;
  3. In case of any dispute, Saiyuen reserves the right of final decision.

Duration per Session:

45 mins


$100 / Set + $100 deposit

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