Summer Splash 2021 10 June, 2021


New idea of Summer Splash 2021 in Saiyuen, connecting to the hidden beautiful beach "^Pak Cho Wan" with only 3-minute walk. Now come to Saiyuen and having an unforgettable COOL summer holiday!


1.Hidden Beach

Visit the shortcut direct to the hidden beach "Pak Tso Wan", which can be reached within three minutes! The Mart” inside Saiyuen has a diversified
supply of water gadgets, including floating aids, waterproof bags, flippers and floating beds, etc.



Highlight of Summer Splash

Spikeball,  A beach game that's seen recent popularity in the US, Spike Ball - as seen on Shark Tank - is a fun, physical, and competitive 2-on-2 game.


Once at Saiyuen, visit The Mart to pick up water gadgets, floatation aids, waterproof bags, flippers, and other fun inflatables.

Flick & Sticks, The perfect game for frisbee enthusiasts, Flick & Sticks tests your coordination, strategy, and frisbee skills in a group setting.


Water sponge fight, What will happen when you replace bows & arrows with wet sponges? Duke it out in the "Wet Sponge Battle" to find out!

2.Mist Cooling Bridge

The icy water mist is sprinkled regularly everyday, the best choice for cooling in midsummer.

There's also some brand new activities for you.

3.Milky Way Observation

Summer is coming, it is good timing to observe the Milky Way. All non-essential light sources in Saiyuen will be turned off on the specified date.



* The Summer Splash activities will be conducted according to the schedule of Saiyuen
* The number of water sports gadgets are limited, and the product types and prices are for reference only
* The picture is for reference only, items may be slightly changed according to the situation
# African Safari Tent, Sunset Vista, Star Gazing Geodesic Dome and Mongolian Ger are equipped with air-conditioning

^  Not maintained by the government.  Please pay attention to safety.

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