Summer Splash 2024, HALF-price sale ‧ Luxurious camping as low as $184 per person! 01 June, 2024


Summer is here again! The sun's rays are beaming down, and it's the perfect time to gather your friends for some refreshing fun. But where can you find a place that offers the rare combination of air-conditioned comfort, sunny beaches, and the beauty of nature? Well, look no further than Saiyuen!


In the bustling city of Hong Kong, Saiyuen offers a rare blend of air-conditioned comfort, sunny beaches, and natural beauty. Our glamping tents let you enjoy outdoor activities while staying cool. After a day of splashing and sun, retreat to your cozy tent for a relaxing BBQ under the stars. The next day, dive into Saiyuen's exciting adventure activities, immersed in the captivating natural surroundings.


It's enough to get you giddy with excitement even before you arrive!

Let's take a closer look at the fantastic experiences that await you:


01|Water Pool

The inflatable water pool is brimming with floating toys, water guns, and water tanks, offering endless opportunities for splashing and frolicking. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!



02|Rainbow Inflatable Arches


Even if you don't want to get fully submerged, the rainbow-hued inflatable arches with their refreshing water sprays can still provide a cooling respite from the heat. Snap some fabulous photos and enjoy the refreshing mist!



03|Hidden Beach

Just a 2-3 minute stroll will lead you to a secluded beach – Pak Tso Wan^. Not only is it conveniently accessible, but it also provides a great environment for you and your friends. We've even prepared a variety of water toys, including life jackets, waterproof bags, snorkels, and floating mats, to enhance your aquatic adventures.






Limited offer! Embark on a luxurious Glamping journey

From April 22nd to September 30th, enjoy a 50% discount on bookings for our featured tents at Saiyuen from Sunday to Friday, with prices starting as low as $184 per person! Or opt for a 40% discount when staying on Saturdays. Don't just think about it, take action, and give yourself and your friends an unforgettable Glamping experience!


Discover more about Glamping experience



> Find the latest offer now!






Discover more about Glamping experience



> Find the latest offer now!

*Summer Splash activities are scheduled according to the Saiyuen timetable.

*Equipment is limited in quantity, and product selection and prices are for reference only. Rental/sales are subject to availability.

*Images are for reference only, and activities may be subject to change.

^This is not an official government beach, and there are no lifeguards on duty. Please exercise caution.

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