21 March - Éclade de Moules Party 21 March, 2020

No trip to Saiyuen would be complete without a wild dining experience! Imagine feeling fully immersed in the nature while enjoying a meal with your loved ones. Now’s your chance to enjoy eclade de moules without going to France! It is a traditional dish where mussels are covered with a pile of pine needles. The whole thing is then set alight, giving a bracing aroma and mussels filled with smoky meat. Don’t forget to get your camera ready when the mussels are about to be lighted up!



(mussels are placed on a wooden board and are arranged hinge-side up)



(Get your camera ready !)





▶ Date|21 March (SAT)

▶ Time|7:00 - 7:30 pm

▶ Target|campers

▶ Price|$250 /set, serves 3-4 people

▶ Registration|Click "Éclade de Moules Party" and fill in the form (Application deadline: Mar 18)

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