Cheung Po Tsai Cave Night Tour 14 March, 2020

Fancy some outdoor adventures in the dark during your staycation at Saiyuen? Check out our Cheung Po Tsai Cave Night Tour!


This tour is guided by our experienced instructors and is designed to help children to step out of their comfort zone by overcoming fear of the unknown. It gives parents the opportunity to encourage their children’s sense of adventure, show them that having courage helps them to persevere against challenges, and in the process it raises their self-esteem.



(Explore the famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave from Saiyuen)


(Guided by experienced instructor; Safety equipment is provided)


(Chance for your kids to step outside their comfort zone)


▶ Date|14 March (SAT);28 March (SAT)

▶ Time|7:45 - 8:45 pm

▶ Target|Aged 6 or above (must be accompanied by an adult)

▶ Price|$180 / person

▶ Registration|Click "Cheung Po Tsai Cave Night Tour" and fill in the form


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