Inca Teepee  Accommodation



Inspired by the habitation of the indigenous people of the plains, Saiyuen's Native American Teepees are situated alongside the Devil's Forest.

The graphics on the exterior of the teepees depict the cultural beliefs of the Native Americans. The upper portion represents the sky above as the Father, the bottom represents the earth below as the Mother, while the center describes activities of the living.


To keep up with the trend of "Glamping", an American Teepee is now transformed into "Inca Teepee". "Inca" means "Emperor" in the Quechuan language.


In addition to the rich Native American styles in every corner of the tent, it is also equipped with air conditioning and power sockets, letting the campers enjoy the "Emperor" moment in the camping holiday!







  • Approx. 200 square feet
  • Maximum No. of Occupants: 4 people
  • 2 Double bed
  • Air-conditioner(Cold/ Heat)
  • Ceiling fan with lamp
  • USB port charger
  • 13A power socket
  • Tent Padlock


* Pictures and information are for reference only. Facilities are subject to change without notice.

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